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Safety and Cost-Effectiveness

Leveraging IoT and AI, Wintech pioneers in ensuring unparalleled safety at construction sites. Our state-of-the-art systems monitor in real-time, from verifying workers' helmet usage to overseeing machinery placement, all while ensuring cost-effectiveness. Since 1998, our commitment has been unwavering: maximize safety without compromising efficiency, building a win-win partnership rooted in trust and innovation.

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Backup power system infrastructure

We think that consistent power isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Wintech’s specialized expertise in backup power system infrastructure ensures that critical operations, like public transportation and healthcare, remain uninterrupted. We've proudly designed off-grid power solutions for entities like MTR, safeguarding them against unexpected power outages. From the initial design of the electrical grid to precise engineering, we create resilient systems that stand as a bulwark against disruptions, emphasizing both safety and efficiency.

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AI-Powered Employee Training Hub

Wintech's AI-Powered Employee Training Hub revolutionizes workforce education. We offer bespoke course designs and tailored learning platforms for contractors, ensuring they meet mandatory safety requirements with ease. With our adaptive learning algorithms, training is personalized, promoting effective comprehension and retention for every learner.

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Surveillance Software Development

Wintech specializes in crafting large-scale surveillance software tailored to specific needs. Whether it's detecting suspicious activities, ensuring safety compliance, or quantifying visitor numbers, our systems provide precision and efficiency. Utilizing advanced algorithms and innovative design, we deliver solutions that seamlessly integrate into operations, offering comprehensive monitoring capabilities to enhance security and insights.

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Network Infrastructure

We specialize in inbuilding and underground solutions, deploying both fibre and copper systems to ensure seamless connectivity. With decades of expertise, our infrastructure not only meets today's demands but anticipates tomorrow's challenges. Whether retrofitting older buildings or planning new constructions, our network solutions provide the backbone for reliable, high-speed communications, keeping you connected in every corner.

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Fixed Network Maintenance

Wintech offers 2-7x24x365 ECO services, we're always on-call, ready to troubleshoot and resolve any network issues that arise. Our seasoned experts are equipped to handle challenges swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining your network's peak performance around the clock. Trust in Wintech for steadfast network support and uninterrupted operations.

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Data center Implementation

At Wintech, we excel in designing and constructing state-of-the-art data centers tailored to your needs. Whether employing data hall fibre or copper networks, our expertise ensures optimal performance, scalability, and security. With a meticulous approach to infrastructure and an unwavering commitment to quality, our data center solutions stand as pillars of reliability in a fast-paced digital landscape.

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IoT & Energy Efficiency Services

Wintech’s IoT & Energy Efficiency Services seamlessly merge innovative device installation with software development. We understand the significance of tailored solutions, especially when optimizing energy use and operations. Our holistic approach ensures that each IoT device not only functions optimally but also integrates flawlessly with custom-developed software, addressing unique needs and maximizing efficiency. Dive into a smarter, greener future with Wintech's tailored IoT solutions.

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